IT Governance Process

IT Governance Criteria

Project / Service Proposals: Review/prioritize/recommend new initiatives or projects meeting the following criteria (*proposed*):

  • Impact: more than one control unit/division/college.
  • Expense:
    Project: $300K or higher; OR
    Operational (ongoing): $200K/year or higher; OR
    Five year TCO: $1M or higher.
  • Reputational risk: Significant potential for damaging campus reputation.
  • External mandate: Required to comply with laws and/or system-wide policies or directives (e.g., UCPath).
  • Reduction of duplication: Opportunities to significantly reduce duplication of systems, data and/or expense.
  • Potential for broader benefit: Projects initiated by one department that could also benefit many, or the entire campus.

Strategies and Goals: Review/approve campus IT goals/plans in the area of Administration, Research, Teaching & Learning, and IT Infrastructure.

Emerging Issues: Inform/discuss new issues (e.g., strategic needs, campus security risks, infrastructure challenges, service duplication, etc.).

Policies: Review and provide input to new policies or amendments to existing ones.

Service Abatement: Review/prioritize/recommend services to be retired or decremented under the following conditions (*proposed*):

  • Impact: more than one control unit/division/college.
  • Abatement project expense: $300K or higher.
  • Abatement project timeline: 6 months or more.
  • Abatement savings: $200K or higher.
  • NOTE: EADC members expressed interest in seeing anything that we could stop doing, regardless of cost.