IST Onboarding Program



This checklist is for IST/OCIO managers to use with their new hires after the job offer has been accepted, signed and returned to BRS HR via the SAF Administrator ( and BRS Onboarding has been scheduled.

Employee Arrives:

  • Two - three weeks prior start date, notify the SAF Administrator and HR/Admin Support Team of your new hire, and ensure that you have completed the Applicant Deselection Form and Interview Data Form and forwarded to your recruiter from Central HR. 
  • Schedule new employee for 
  • Plan the employee's first day schedule:
    • Manager should clear their schedule to be with the new employee all day
    • Schedule any welcome activities, lunch or coffee
    • Plan office tour
    • Prepare first assignments
    • Review role description
  • Send new employee pre-arrival information:
    • Date, arrival time and location for first day, including directions, and what to expect
    • Provide first day schedule
    • Call the employee to answer any immediate quesions and invite him or her to call with new questions
  • Prepare first assignments
  • Notify appropriate groups of new employee's arrival:
    • New hire’s new team 
    • HR/Admin Support Team
  • Ensure their new hire has completed/read required campus certification and training during their first week of employment:
    • Sexual Harassment Certificate
    • Cyber Security
    • Ethical Values and Conduct
    • Computing Policy and Guidelines
    • Sign up for required MEP trainings
    • Other Agreements and Policies
  • HR/Admin Team Responsibilities:
    • Update org chart & mailing lists (Clarissa)
    • Request phone and network activation/access (Stephanie)
    • Request and set up new computer/laptop (Stephanie & ITCS)
    • Prepare office supplies (Stephanie)
    • Prepare mailbox (Stephanie)
    • Prepare name plate or office plate (Stephanie)
    • Schedule coffee/lunch dates if requested (Stephanie)
    • Order business cards (Stephanie)
    • Provide emergency kit (BEM Team)
  • BEM Team Responsibilities
    • Help identify cubicle/office space if needed
    • Prepare workspace and grant building access
    • Schedule ergonomic evaluation (if requested)
    • Update building floor plan

First Day:

  • Review:
    • Schedule and work plan for the first week with the new hire
    • Department work rules/specific information
    • Review department website, org charts and department relationship to campus
    • Describe performance management and success measures
    • Provide department contact list for problems and issues
    • Explain confidentiality
    • Work hours and schedule, , and 
    • Set up  /  /
    •  via internet services and wi-fi: 
    • Budget and finance
    • BearBuy
    • Scheduling meeting rooms and other facilities
    • Tour their work space, ensure equipment is in place
    • Tour the building and related facilities
    • Introduce new employee to staff
    • Provide required keys, tour the building, show where break-room and restrooms are, introduce staff
    • Obtain
    • Office resource: , , create bMail signature, update UCB directory listing
  • Provide Information on campus resources/services:
    • if needed
    • Access to , , 
    • Send announcement to all staff about new employee

    First Week:

    • Schedule new employee for networking meetings with appropriate staff and managers
    • Schedule meeting with a mentor/peer buddy 
    • Sign employee up for any training to relevant tools and systems (if appropriate)
    • Review job expectations:
      • Review how performance will be evaluated
      • Establish performance goals and set regular feedback mechanism
      • Establish weekly meetings/trainings or other events
      • Clear expectations of job performance in first three months
      • Clear expectations of job performance and goal for first six months
      • After hours and weekend office access
    • Review Campus Policies:
      • Vacation and Sick Time | CalTime
      • Driving/Vehicle policies (if applicable)
      • policy
      • policy
      • (if applicable)
    • Review office safety issues:

    First Month:

    • Meet with employee to review:
      • Job description and expectations, meeting goals and targets
      • Review work expectations 
      • Discuss experiences, concerns and identify new needs.
      • Introduce challenges that may emerge in the job and plan how to meet them.
      • Review the onboarding process with the employee. Is it working well?
      • Encourage employee's relationship with the work group and department.
      • Provide information for increased understanding of the work group and department.
    • Ensure employee has signed up for benefits prior to enrollment deadline (employee has 31 days after their first day to sign up)
    • If the new hire is in a management role, schedule an intro to the hiring and recruiting process with Clarissa

      Within 6 months:

      • Revisit performance standards and work rules
      • Schedule six month performance review